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To cater to today’s fast-paced society and on-the-go lifestyle, LW Bracelets combined the concepts of fashion and health to create a unique range of BIO-Germanium,Magnet &Infrared Ray Health Accessories. The range of health accessories includes necklaces & bracelets,  all embedded with the natural health mineral Germanium. Upon contact with the human skin, Germanium gives rise to 2 main health effects: 1) Positive Hole Effect and 2) Emission of Far Infrared Rays. These effects lead to a wide host of health benefits for the wearer, letting you ‘wear’ your health with you anytime, anywhere.



Natural health mineral mined from the Earth, atomic number 32 and symbol Ge on the Periodic Table

    Helps wearer to balance the body’s                positive and negative ions (Positive Hole   Effect), helping to ease muscle aches and pains  and relieve fatigue


Emits Far Infrared Rays, activating our body’s water molecules to stimulate blood circulation, increase body oxygen level, improve organ function, promote sleep quality and enhance the immune system



Improves Circulation:

The magnets in the bracelet can draw more blood to the arm and wrist because of the iron in your blood. Circulation plays an important part in both keeping the body healthy and healing it from injuries.

 Relieves Pain:

Magnetic bracelets can reduce lactic acid and calcium deposits, both of which can cause pain in the joints and other parts of the body. The magnets help calcium ions move more quickly through the body, speeding up the healing process for nervous tissue and bones. The magnetic waves can also encourage the body to produce more endorphins, which reduce pain and make you feel good.

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